Kathy Miller started playing poker in 2016 at a kitchen table on a family vacation with best friend, Megan Moore.  Megan began teaching Kathy the fundamentals of the game. To say she caught on would be an understatement.  She was HOOKED! After tedious months of sitting at the kitchen table teaching her the importance of position, stack size, and reading your opponent, Megan felt she was ready for more. On September 6, 2016, Kathy’s birthday, Megan surprised her by gathering all her friends from the poker world and throwing her a mini poker tournament in Kathy’s home cabana. Kathy was overjoyed. Everyone had a blast and asked, “When can we do this again?” Kathy piped up with, “How’s next week?” And so began Kathy’s Cabana Poker, a.k.a. KCP. A group of 9 quickly became 20, then 30, and now 40! We, KCP, are now a solid 4 table weekly home game with a 30 deep waiting list each week.

Megan Moore started playing poker at her dad’s home game in Louisiana at the age of 12 and she was immediately enthralled at its complexity. Although the home games broke up as she moved around, her love for the game never diminished. Fortunately, college brought her to Oklahoma; a state with an abundance of casinos and more importantly, poker rooms. She was able to start playing cash games, and even though it was far different than her dad’s nickel ante poker, she found her love for the game was still the same. However, being a wife and mom of five did not afford her the time to delve into the game as much as she would have liked.  Now that kids are raised and time allows, Megan is able to pursue her life long passion for playing poker. And that is exactly what she is doing.  In November of 2017 Megan turned her attention to tournaments and has never looked back. In a very short amount of time she has had tremendous success.  Her success playing local circuit events soon led her to Vegas to the WSOP Main Events.  Megan is making running deep a habit.  She is seeing many final tables during WPT and WSOP circuit stops.  She finished 33rd in a field of over 6000 including Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu in a Deep Stack bracelet event at the 2019 WSOP.  She is just getting started and has truly been an inspiration to watch as she has committed herself fully to the game.  She currently is a contributing writer to Anteup Magazine.


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